Friday, March 11, 2011

Qmore Mouthwash

Qmore mouthwash is a product with extract Streblus asper which is produced by QHerbs company. Qmore mouthwash contains all natural herbal extract that impedesmouth cancer cells via apoptosis, promo tesenti-oxidant activities, removes germs that cause gingivitis, halitosis, plaque build up and gum problems. Qmore mouthwash is an oral cleaning agent that can help to prevent bad breath, the problem of swollen gums, toothache and also help to prevent oral cancer.

The advantages & privilages compared to ordinary mouthwash: 

~ Traditionally used for toothache, gum problems, tonsil, and ulcer.  
~ Antioxidant compounds (Flavanoids etc), antibacterial, anti-virus (cancer). 
~ More stain removal power.  
~ Significantly prevent cavities and plaque.  
~ Remove tobacco odour & long lasting refreshes breath. 
~ Non alcohol  
~ Non toxic  
~ Non heavy metal  
~ Prevent bad breath

    Thursday, March 10, 2011

    Aura Energy Perfume

    Aura Energy Perfume is a perfume that provides us various types of energy we want in our daily life. There are 
    various types of perfume that performs different types of functions.
    Aura Energy Perfume is a kind of perfume which is created for men and women to increase their aura in their daily life.
    There are three types of Aura Energy Perfume which is Men Exclusive, Women Exclusive and Women Elegant. Each box of Aura Energy Perfume contains four small bottles of perfume. There are four colors with different meaning for four small bottles.

    Impact of The Colors





    Aura Energy Perfume - Women Elegant
                          ~ Inspired by Curious Britney Spear 
                          ~ Inspired by Guest Pink 
                          ~ Inspired by Insider Trussardi 
                          ~ Inspired by Lancome Miracle

    Aura Energy Perfume - Women Exclusive
                 ~ Inspired by 5th Avenue Night Elizabeth
                 ~ Inspired by Cool Water Women
                 ~ Inspired by GLO De Chn
                 ~ Inspired by Be Delicious Fresh Blossom

    Aura Energy Perfume - Men Exclusive
                     ~ Inspired by Eternity CK
                     ~ Inspired by Paco Rabbane Million
                     ~ Inspired by Power Flower Kenzo
                     ~ Inspired by Dunhill Desire Red